Our energy sector

Calgary Midnapore was built by the energy sector and Justin Trudeau seeks to destroy it, and our way of life here. The Liberals’ anti-energy policies have driven investment away and put countless residents of Calgary Midnapore out of work.

Justin Trudeau wants to “phase out” this critical Canadian industry that puts food on the table for hundreds of thousands of families, generates wealth across the country, and pumps billions of dollars into government coffers for essential services that benefit all Canadians.

Andrew Scheer will champion our energy industry, starting with his 6-point plan to get pipelines built:

  1. Cancel the carbon tax.
  2. Repeal Bill C-69, the No More Pipelines Bill”.
  3. End the ban on shipping traffic in British Columbia.
  4. Establish clear time lines and get Indigenous consultations right up front.
  5. Ban foreign-funded advocacy groups from disrupting our approvals process.
  6. Assert federal jurisdiction when necessary.

Our Conservative government will also develop a National Energy Corridor. Rather than having industry submit complicated route proposals for every new transmission line and pipeline project, we could have a single corridor - planned up front and in full consultation with the provinces and Indigenous Canadians who would share in the prosperity that it would provide.

Andrew Scheer’s pro-energy policies will help get the people of Calgary Midnapore back to work and help us all to get ahead – not just get by.

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Making life more affordable for families

A common concern of residents in Calgary Midnapore is affordability. The cost of groceries has sky rocketed, the price of gas has increased dramatically, and it’s costing more than ever to heat our homes. All of these increased expenses are making it difficult to get ahead.

A Conservative government will put more money back into the hands of Canadian families by eliminating the carbon tax, removing the GST off of home heating bills, and making parental benefits tax-free. The Liberal government has made it harder for families to realize their dream of homeownership, so we will fix the Liberals’ mortgage stress test and make it easier to save up for a down payment. Andrew Scheer will also offer a Universal Tax Cut and a suite of other tax credits to help families put aside funds to pursue their dreams.

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Protecting our economy and living within our means

Almost half of all Canadian households report being less than $200 a month away from insolvency at month’s end  -- and personal debt levels are rising. Due to Trudeau’s out of control spending, Canada’s national debt has also risen -- to an alarming $71 billion! His runaway deficits, with no plan to balance, can only mean one of two things: a future tax increase, or future spending cuts. It also means Canada will have less protection against the next economic downturn. Trudeau promised to balance the budget by 2019 but here we are…more in debt than ever.

Balancing the budget is a top priority for a Conservative government. We will ensure that all new spending that is not already budgeted will be paid for from savings within the government. We need lower taxes to make it easier for Canadians to get ahead!

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Foreign policy: ensuring a stronger Canada in a turbulent world

We believe Canada must always side with those who value freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Justin Trudeau has failed to stand up for Canada abroad and those principles. As a former diplomat, I have over 15 years of experience working in the realm of foreign policy and I am deeply concerned about Canada’s reputation on the world stage. I often hear from constituents in Calgary Midnapore that they too, are worried about the damage the Liberals have done – to our trading relationships and our security.

A Conservative government will reinvigorate Canada’s role in the alliances we share with our democratic allies. This includes existing alliances like NORAD, NATO, the Commonwealth, La Francophonie, and the Five Eyes. It will also include greater overtures to India and Japan. We will look for ways to strengthen our relationship and new markets, but with the understanding that at this critical juncture, we need to show strength and resolve above all else.

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Restoring fairness, order, and compassion to our immigration system

Immigration when done right, is good for the economy, good for jobs, and good for the people who have chosen to come to Canada – many of whom call Calgary Midnapore home.

For years we have called on the Liberal government to make concrete policy decisions to deal with the influx of border crossings. The Liberal government’s complete mismanagement of our immigration system means that the world’s most vulnerable who are waiting in refugee camps and newcomers to Canada that are waiting their turn, will have to wait longer to have their applications processed. A Conservative government will work immediately to restore the fairness, order and compassion of our immigration system.

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