Re-Elect Stephanie Kusie for Calgary-Midnapore 2019

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A message from Stephanie to you

I was born and raised in the riding of Calgary Midnapore and it has been my honour and privilege to serve as the Member of Parliament here for the past two years.

Since being elected in 2017, I have worked hard to ensure the issues facing our riding are heard loud and clear in Ottawa, such as:

  • Justin Trudeau’s plan to “phase out” our energy sector by vetoing pipeline projects, introducing the crippling “no more pipelines” Bill C-69, and the ban on shipping traffic in British Columbia;
  • The Liberal attack on small business owners; and
  • Rising taxes, debt, and difficulties affording basics like gas, groceries, and home heating.

In addition to representing Calgary Midnapore in the House of Commons, I have been serving as the Shadow Minister of Democratic Institutions, working diligently to maintain the integrity our democracy and protect it from foreign interference. I am also a Member of the Standing Committee of Procedures and House Affairs, and a Counsellor of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas.

Another priority has been to ensure individuals and families in the riding to receive timely and helpful assistance with federal casework. It is important to me to take action and deliver results - and I believe I have proven myself as a reliable resource to the community.

Should I receive the honour of re-election on October 21, the residents of Calgary Midnapore can count on me to continue to advocate on their behalf, ensuring that our way of life is not only maintained but improved. I am running for re-election to champion the people of Calgary Midnapore so they can get ahead, not just get by. 


Yours truly,

Stephanie Kusie