Re-Elect Stephanie Kusie for Calgary-Midnapore 2019


Stephanie Kusie has been re-elected in Calgary Midnapore

Thank you so much for trusting me for a second term as the your representative for Calgary-Midnapore. If you still have your lawn sign and would like to return it, you can leave it outside our office door at 259 Midpark Way. Lawn signs are recyclable and can be placed in a blue bin if it is in poor condition. We would like to reuse them next time if they are still in good condition. We will drive by each house who took a lawn sign and pick them up in the next week. If you do not want your sign picked up by us, please move it inside so we do not take it. We still answer emails and phone calls when we are able to. Thank you for your patience.

Finally, thank you once again. To all my volunteers, my supporters, my donors, and my board members I could not have done it without all of you. With more than 50,000 people putting their trust and vote with me, we have delivered the greatest mandate Calgary-Midnapore has ever seen. I will forever be grateful.

Yours truly,

Stephanie Kusie